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(es) Jue 20 Dic, 19h | Presentación de Vivero de emprendedores en Mediaestruch

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(es) Mar 17 Dic, 19h: Mapping the Commons

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Tactical Urbanism. Mike Lydon, The Street Plans Collaborative | Residual Energy

“The lack of resources is no longer an excuse not to act. The idea that action should only be taken after all the answers and the resources have been found is a sure recipe for paralysis. The planning of a city is a process that allows for corrections; it is supremely arrogant to believe that planning can be done only after every possible variable has been controlled.”

– Jaime Lerner Architect, urbanist, former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil
Source: Tactical Urbanism Vol. 2 (issuu)

I’m very happy to share with you that Mike Lydon from The Street Plans Collaborative is going to give a talk about Tactical Urbanism at ZZZINC. We hope you can come to join us on thursday 15th at 19:30h, as usual at ZZZINC venue.

About the speaker

Mike Lydon (@MikeLydon) is the Principal at The Street Plans Collaborative, Co-author of The Smart Growth Manual (amazon), creator of The Open Streets Project (issuu) and Tactical Urbanism Vol. 1 + Tactical Urbanism Vol. 2 (issuu).

The Street Plans Collaborative is an urban planning, design, and research-advocacy firm. We strive to create high-quality public spaces, and believe that the key to reversing the harmful effects of suburban sprawl is to promote compact, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods. We thrive on working with our clients, partners, and other likeminded organizations to improve the quality and function of the built environment. We seek to increase the effectiveness of multi-modal transportation as a means to creating more competitive and sustainable 21st century towns and cities.

– streetsplan.org

What is tactical urbanism?

As it defined, Tactical urbanism is a deliberate approach to citymaking that features the following five characteristics:

  • A deliberate, phased approach to instigating change;
  • An offering of local ideas for local planning challenges;
  • Short-term commitment and realistic expectations
  • Low-risks, with a possibly a high reward; and
  • The development of social capital between citizens and the building of organizational capacity between public/private institutions, non-profit/NGOs, and their constituents.

You’ll probably know a lot of tactical urbanism, but here there are a few samples: Park(ing) Day, Mobile Vendors, Guerilla Gardening, Chair Bombing, ad – Busting… many ot them have been showed on Spontaneous Interventionsat the USA Pavillion in the 13th International Architecture Exhibition Common Ground of la Biennale de Venezia.

Practical information

I want to go.. Closed. Confirmed people will enter first and then until full capacity.

When? 19:30 h. Thursday 15th of november
Where? C/ Sant Vicenç 33 (local2). 08001 Barcelona. Google Maps
Free as usual but RVSP needed because of the limited capacity.
Language: English only, no translation.
Facebook event
Twitter hashtag: #tacticalurbanism
Coordinator Paco Gonzálezradarq, you can ask me about details through Twitter @pacogonzalez or email.

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(es) Ciberrealismo: Más allá de la euforia digital |Foro online Noviembre

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(es) NOV 23/24: Codificando mundos – Taller de comportamientos físicos en la programación creativa

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(es) Jue 8 Nov. 19h: “Como un Gigante Invisible. Can Batlló y las Ciudades Imaginarias”

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(es) Destrucción creativa: Encuentro de iniciativas de innovación social | 27 nov. Zaragoza

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(es) Vie 2 NOV, Ecos del Gueto + presentación curso “Nuevas industrias musicales” de Producciones Doradas

Presentación del curso “Nuevas industrias musicales” y conferencia inaugural con Víctor Lenore sobre su trabajo desde el colectivo ECOS DEL GUETO.


Ecos del gueto es un colectivo que analiza y difunde músicas de las periferias urbanas de algunas de las grandes ciudades del mundo. En esta conferencia inaugural, Víctor Lenore (Rockdelux, nos hablará de algunos de los principales contextos de producción musical de estos entornos, analizando al mismo tiempo  su impronta económica, social y política. Para ello nos apoyaremos en videos y canciones con la intención de hacer de la conferencia una audición abierta en la que podremos ver y oír ecos del gueto para después poder debatir y poner ideas en común sobre ellos y nuestro entorno local.

Algunas cuestiones que abordaremos son: ¿Qué podemos aprender desde el ámbito de la música local sobre estas periferias? ¿Qué formas económicas las articulan? ¿qué papel juega la música a la hora de generar identidades culturales diferenciadas? ¿Qué papel juega la música en nuestro tejido social local? ¿Qué políticas la regulan?

Víctor Lenore (Soria, 1972) es periodista musical. Ha colaborado en medios como Rockdelux, El País, Mapa Sonoro, Diagonal, Minerva o Rolling Stone, entre otros. Formó parte del grupo promotor de la desaparecida revista Ladinamo. También dirige la colección de libros Cara B, dedicada a analizar discos clásicos de la música popular del estado español. Escribió el capítulo sobre música del libro “CT o la Cultura de la Transición”.

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(es) Vie 9 Nov, 19h: Encuentro desarrolladores openFrameworks

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(es) Presentación de RUS (Residuos Urbanos Sólidos) de Basurama

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